MyJobAdda : Beginning

Bringing the many potential personalities active in various corporate sectors on a single platform to help people be aware of various job openings and opportunities.

Using this base, we increased our professional contacts to get information regarding job openings and corporate awareness

Adding wings to aspirations!!

Purpose of joining “U”

WhatsApp group is a limited platform, and with continuous growth in the participation and response, we needed a larger platform.

The purpose of this talk is to bring the MyJobAdda group to a large open platform where the interaction level and participation is not restricted. .

Why MyJobAdda

The best way to help someone in today’s date is by helping the one to get a job :)
A live approach for a job seeker to get a job where one can get in touch directly with a professional from the particular field to find a job.
Corporate Market and Demand awareness for fresher's. .

Connect to My Job Adda

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